From early beginnings in art Steffi Michalski continued to further her passion for artistic techniques though school and HSC.  Steffi is currently in her third year of study at the University of Newcastle where she is undertaking a bachelors of Natural History Illustration.

Steffi spends her time developing her understanding of creative techniques and materials, spending time in nature studying animals in their native habitat and working on commissions.

Female common eggfly - Hypolimnas bolina

Steffi Michalski and butterfly (hypolimnas bolina) on a research trip.

Past Exhibitions

Central Coast Rudolf Steiner Highschool Exhibition - Alumni Section, 2015

Natural History Illustration End of Year Exhibition, 2015

Collaborative work for Maitland Regional Art Gallery's Exhibition 'Extinct and Endangered.' February 6th to May 29th, 2016

'Southern Right Whale Calve' for Whalespotter which can be viewed here on the Whalespotter website, 2016.

Natural History Illustration End of Year Third Year and Honours Exhibition, 2016.

Upcoming Exhibitions

'Green Christmas Beetle' for Botanica which can be viewed at The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney's Lion Gate Lodge from the 6th to the 28th May, 2017.